Measure Performance



Accurate measurement helps you make critical decisions with certainty. Our range includes weigh scales, EID readers, milk meters, pasture measurement tools and more. Replacing guesswork with facts, measurement helps power your performance.

Replace guesswork
with solid data
Measure Performance informed decisions
Informed decisions

Our weigh scales, EID readers and milk meters assist critical decision making about feed, health treatments and herd management. On its own, weighing is a valuable addition to your operation. Add electronic identification, and you can seamlessly collect and manage data to maximize individual animal performance.

Seamless integration

World-renowned for accuracy and durability, our scales and EID readers integrate seamlessly with our tag systems and on-farm software. Tracking your animals using EID gives you ultimate control over the profitability of your livestock, by increasing the accuracy and efficiency of data collection.

Trusted performance

Performance management products that are reliable and user-friendly to keep your operation on track with what you want to achieve. Your extra eyes on the farm, they help you identify underperforming animals who arenโ€™t reaching their weight targets, so you can then work out the cause and take action.

A weighing and EID system helps our business stay on track with what we are trying to achieve, while the data lets you know if you are tracking right.

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